Whether you collect the Batman comic books, or are a dire fan of the franchise, any of these five comic issues, can add some financial freedom to enjoy.With Batman’s diverse history, the most valuable comics of Gotham’s superhero usually lies in the eye of the beholder. Finding a rare, vintage comic featuring Batman range from a just few bucks to over a million. Here are the 5 most valuable Batman comics to ever be sold.


1. Detective Comics #27 – Batman’s first appearance.

With a value of $2.57 million, Batman’s first appearance, along with Gotham City and Commissioner Gordon, were featured in “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate ” in DC #27. The reason why this comic is worth almost three million dollars is obvious – It’s the first time we are introduced into the world of Batman.

2. Batman Comic Book #1 – The Joker and Catwoman’s first appearance.

Due to the popularity and mystery surrounding Batman in the Detective Comics series, Batman finally has his own solo comic. In the first issue, Batman’s adventures include run-ins with The Joker and Catwoman. Although this comic is only valued at $440,000, it is surprising that it is not valued at a much higher price.

3. Batman Comic Book #2 – The Cat transforms into Catwoman.

In this issue, Selina Kyle is not in the Cat woman costume just yet, but her influence over Bruce Wayman captured fans enough to value the comic at $43,000. She brought a sense of femininity, but in a machismo way and thus the reason why her character remains important to the story of Batman.

4. Batman Comic Book #5 – The Batmobile.

Since the Spring of 1941, Batman would be a bimonthly comic book for around 12 years. This popular issue is the final in the quarterly series and the one that introduces the beloved Batmobile. It is the original idea which is at first very dark but eventually evolves into something much more grandeur. This issue is valued at a record sale of $33,000.

5. Detective Comics #38 – Robin’s first appearance.

Robin, the Boy Wonder, is first introduced as a major character in Batman history. Worth only at $3,000, this issue is widely popular due to the introduction of Batman’s sidekick. Even if you hate or love Robin, his character is vital to the very essence of Batman and who he later becomes.

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